Where the Lonely Road Goes

Hi friends, the time for a new song is here. The song is about going through life and facing hard times, getting through those hard times, and coming out the other side and deciding that you are still willing to have hope in finding love… and then finding it. It’s a delicate topic at least … Read more

I Kicked A Hole In Your Fence

The weirdest day led to this song. I was working on a couple songs pondering ideas like looking for love, and very non fence kicking things. I possible love interest took a serious nosedive, I got a spider bite possibly from a brown recluse that needed antibiotics, so I had a weird feeling of spider … Read more

Robot Blues

I want to to start by saying thank you for being here along this journey. I do not take you for granted, and appreciate you being here soooo much. This song is about acknowledging the pain in human existence from an outside angle. I was imagining what it’s going to be like when robots finally … Read more

Let’s Become Animals

“Fantasy, reality, they’re both a part of me.” Brides of Funkenstein I’ve been paying off credit card debt for years, as my habit of buying expensive analog studio gear made the balances shoot to the moon. A couple months ago, I miraculously managed to pay them off. My mind shifted to how I could start … Read more

Life is a Nightmare

Life is a Nightmare cover art

Hello friends. I wanted to stick to putting one song out every two months, and it just didn’t happen. I had a song, and the song I was writing just wasn’t working. I tried to resuscitate it, and there was just no chance in making that shitty song cool in any way. So, I finally … Read more

fuck you i’m going underground

So… the title is pretty intense. I got an email from a record label and they said they wanted to talk to me and make me an offer… long story short they wanted 80%, and when I hung up the phone I wrote this song. It wasn’t the offer specifically that sent me over the … Read more

May Loving Hands Show You The Way

I’m always shocked when I look at the last time I wrote a post for a new song. Last one was the end of October, just over 5 months ago! I feel like I say this every time, but I can’t believe it has been this long. I had a big life change since Journey … Read more

Journey to Wherever We May Go

Hear it the new song right here first! Since the pandemic began, I’ve moved three times, started one career, and ended two 🙂 How’s 2020 been treating you? Hope you’re hanging in there 🙂 This song was written and recorded during quarantine. I didn’t really decide to write it, it just came out one day. … Read more

Grand Commander

As promised, here is early access to the new single GRAND COMMANDER. First, MANY THANKS to all of you wonderful people who listened to Skele. It has had the best first month of ANY SONG I’ve ever released. Every play, save, comment, reaction, all of it, means the absolute world to me.  New single!!!! Ok … Read more


So last time I wrote one of these, the pandemic hadn’t really hit. Feels like a lifetime ago. I want to send love and good vibes to everyone, this thing has hit all of us in so many ways. Skele is a good friend of mine, and an incredible artist. He went through some hard … Read more