Robot Blues

I want to to start by saying thank you for being here along this journey. I do not take you for granted, and appreciate you being here soooo much.

This song is about acknowledging the pain in human existence from an outside angle. I was imagining what it’s going to be like when robots finally become conscious. This shit will be totally overwhelming. Can you imagine having to deal with all this human pain, coming from a painless existence? Omg these robots just don’t know what’s coming.

I grew up playing blues. My first live musical experiences were playing blues jams my dad would take me to when I was 13. Those used to be the highlight of my week. Some of my teachers even knew that I played in clubs on Wednesday nights, and when I fell asleep in class on Thursdays they’d leave me alone because they knew I’d been out rocking. So I’m happy to release a blues song, albeit one that’s robotic. The funny part is, this is one of the most organic songs I’ve ever made. The entire vocoder and scat part is a single take. The guitar solo is a first take. The sounds may be in favor of the robot theme, but a lot of the performance was off the cuff. So yeah, thanks for checking it out… here’s Robot Blues 🙂

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