May Loving Hands Show You The Way

I’m always shocked when I look at the last time I wrote a post for a new song. Last one was the end of October, just over 5 months ago! I feel like I say this every time, but I can’t believe it has been this long. I had a big life change since Journey came out. Sadly, near the end of November, my father passed away. This song is about the experience of losing a loved one. 

One thing I’d like to make clear. I’m okay. I’ve been talking to a counselor who has been helping immensely. My family is very close and sticking together. And of course, many of you have reached out and offered condolences. To all of you who have sent good vibes, or just been there without even knowing how supportive you were being, I send a heartfelt thank you. 

When something sad, or intense, or traumatic happens, I always take a look at my friends (I consider all of you my friends) and think wow… any one of you could have gone through or been going through something equally intense or even worse, and only now could I possibly begin to understand. This song is for anyone who has experienced loss. It doesn’t even have to be a person. It could be a dog (I consider all pets to be full blown family members), a relationship, anything. The sense and experience of loss is profound. 

I’ve found it isn’t the loss itself that’s the hardest part. It’s everything else that comes along with it that makes it feel so overwhelming. Life changes. Things taken for granted are suddenly reminders of what once was. Add in a pandemic and it feels like too much to handle. You do handle it though. Changed for sure, but each new day comes, and you figure it out. I feel so grateful to have a community of people I’m surrounded by… family, friends, and of course the GCo family. If you are going through something, I’m sending all that love and support right back. We all get through this together. 

10 thoughts on “May Loving Hands Show You The Way”

  1. Who lives in your mind that such tortured art emerges so brilliantly? A curious mix of godsmacked ASMR with a tinge of pity but an aftertaste of pleasantly bitter growth and determined scar tissue, sprinkled with gems amid the rubble of the past. You save us with each note Mr. Commander

    • Wow, what a comment, thank you!!! I appreciate you listening, and really enjoy reading your thoughts on experiencing this song.

  2. Very good song. Sorry about the loss of your father. I know its terribly hard right now but the feelings get easier, lighter over time.


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