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September 21, 2021

Life is a Nightmare

Hello friends. I wanted to stick to putting one song out every two months, and it just didn’t happen. I had a song, and the song I was writing just wasn’t working. I tried to resuscitate it, and there was just no chance in making that shitty song cool in any way.

So, I finally said “fuck it”, back to square one. I had a discussion with a friend, thinking about how Covid drags on and on, and casually said “life is a nightmare”. The phrase struck a chord. This is such a unique time in our lives, with the pandemic dragging on. Life is hard enough as it is, and the extra load the pandemic adds just feels like it pushes me past a breaking point sometimes. When those hard days come, it feels like the hard times will never end. When I hear people say some stupid shit, it sends me over the edge. With all those thoughts swimming around in my brain, I hit record and this song is the result.

I spent a lot of my life dedicated to playing bass guitar, and I’m pumped to have some bass on this one. The solo at the end is an unedited first take. It isn’t perfect, though it captures all the venom the song speaks to, so it had to stay.

I find a lot of joy in life, especially when it comes to Grand Commander and all you wonderful beautiful awesome people who listen to my music and genuinely make my life better. This song doesn’t nullify any of that. It’s simply an expression of the bad days. I thank everyone who listens and interacts with me from the bottom of my heart. This is a part of my life I don’t take for granted. All of you are very special to me, thank you so much for being a part of the GCo journey. Feel free to leave a comment πŸ™‚

Life is a Nightmare

  • I’ve been having a really hard time lately. Discovering your music and then getting this release when I needed it most…thank you. Your music makes it a little easier to get through each day

    • Sorry to hear you’ve been having a hard time, and I’m grateful to hear these songs help take the edge off. Sending all the good vibes I’ve got πŸ™‚

  • Cant’ wait for the name to be chosen for little blue man here! Still think goon was too good :/ (Maybe a little bit bias xD)

    • ah yes, thank!! I’m so happy you dig the solo! It was kind of spontaneous, got to that point in the track and started ripping, and I was like hey… I’m gonna keep that πŸ™‚

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