Journey to Wherever We May Go

Hear it the new song right here first! Since the pandemic began, I’ve moved three times, started one career, and ended two 🙂 How’s 2020 been treating you? Hope you’re hanging in there 🙂

This song was written and recorded during quarantine. I didn’t really decide to write it, it just came out one day. Most of the time lyrics come out, and I figure out what they mean after. For me, this one is about all the swirling craziness of this year. Feeling trapped, lost, and looking for a way out that doesn’t involve substance abuse. Additionally, I’ve been inspired by seeing activism from the younger generation, especially their concern over the environment.

When I was coming up the ultimate goal was to become some kind of enlightened superhuman type person. I didn’t give much thought to the joy of being part of a community. I’ve found that joy in making and releasing GC songs and interacting with people from all over the world. The song is all of that summed into one. Imagining a better world, and acknowledging that I’ve found some measure of peace in my own life by understanding the importance being a human and connecting with other humans. I still go through periods of isolation, whether it’s caused by the pandemic, or just being overwhelmed by the giant monster known as the internet. Still, the human connection prevails. My imagination remains intact.

One last thing. I think many people unfairly conflate the notion of escapism with the use of imagination. I’ve written songs about escape. Reach the Moon was about escape. This song isn’t about escape. It’s about eschewing harmful coping mechanisms in favor of something sustainable, whether that’s a rowboat that doesn’t kill fish, or therapy instead of booze. For me, acknowledging a community that embraces creativity and interacting with that community counts as a rowboat as well. If you’re reading this, thank you!! This is what it’s all about.

Please feel free to leave a comment on the YouTube vid. Hope this finds you well.


4 thoughts on “Journey to Wherever We May Go”

  1. Probably (at least for me) the best song of GC. It came in a very dark time, filling me with good vibes and a (very needed) virtual hug. Now I’m singing it in the streets, hoping that someone will hear it and cheer up as this song made for me. <3

    • So happy to know you. I’m honored Journey hits you the way that it does. Your rendition of it is fantastic, and I’m so pleased to know you are singing it and spreading the positive vibes, thank you so much 🙂


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