I Kicked A Hole In Your Fence

The weirdest day led to this song. I was working on a couple songs pondering ideas like looking for love, and very non fence kicking things. I possible love interest took a serious nosedive, I got a spider bite possibly from a brown recluse that needed antibiotics, so I had a weird feeling of spider venom and antibiotics mixing and fighting in my body. I guess a bunch of other stuff. A dude at a funeral said some racist shit about a friend of mine that passed away that pissed me off a week earlier… suffice to say a bunch of shit was brewing.

Anyway in my spider bitten/antibiot state, I wanted to walk and walk and keep walking. I went to a neighborhood I hadn’t been to before, and these houses were just insanely huge and ridiculous. I have no problems with people who have money, but rich people who treat everyone else like second class citizens, big problem with people like that. So of course I’m assuming everyone that owns these houses are those people. I take a bike path back toward my house so I’m seeing the fences of all these houses, and they’re all so massive, it feels like the embodiment of the wealth divide. Like they are keeping us out. I don’t know who they are exactly, and who “we” are exactly, I just know that I am not them, and 7 years of running sound at weddings for wealthy people and prices going crazy and war and not getting paid on time after working your ass off, makes me want to act irrationally, and that feeling was best expressed by imagining kicking a hole in the fence of my enemies to unleash an army of rats that will bring the whole system down.

Oh yeah the best part was this guy was on roller skates dancing his ass off. He passed me in his own world just completely going to town. And just as he passed me, my eyes focused on a hole in the fence. I thought damn these people have all this money and this huge house, but they can’t repair this hole. Every system has a weakness. And that’s when the idea came. I had the feeling it was a song, so I started freestyling lyrics into my phone, and most of what I freestyled after a bit of editing became the song.

Sending love to everyone reading this. Thank you for being here.

14 thoughts on “I Kicked A Hole In Your Fence”

  1. im waiting for next song when will you release it also keep up the good job you are doing masterpieces if you add more deep feelings like love , excitement and bit action this mix can be really nice another advice from me is don’t add pain , depression etc. to songs because i listen music to escape from real life so i rather good feelings like love , power etc. to bad feelings but thats my opinion you are free to do anything stay with luck and wisdom

    • Hi Bruce,
      Thanks for your kind words. The next song is being mastered and should be out in a few weeks. And this next one happens to be about love, so you’re right on time.

  2. Awesome as always. sounds so true to the feeling of being fed up as your story tells it lol

    i also just got my bad bad rabbit sweatshirt, its my new favorite


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