Calm Down

Here it is, the next single. This won’t be out on Spotify/streaming services for a few weeks, so this is the time where you get exclusive early access. The video is unlisted on youtube, which means anyone with the link can see it. So if you want to share, go for it. It just won’t be public until the song hits streaming services. 

Thoughts on the song. It’s weird because it’s kind of a sad song but also is the answer. The song came from being overwhelmed by technology, and the effect it has on real life social interaction. But the song itself is written as kind of a meditation. So what’s the one thing I could tell myself to deal with the constant stream of information. CALM DOWN. Breathe. Meditate. The song is a meditation, sorting through the various forms of information overload, and the answer is to calm down. That could mean turning the phone off, taking a walk, breathing, meditation, whatever you do to decompress… do that. 

The ability to connect to anyone anywhere in the world at any time is a gift, and I’ve found much joy in connecting through music. That’s the upside. The downside is when I find myself texting while I’m eating with my parents or wondering if a close friend is even listening to me speak. We all see it countless times every day. So my solution is to remind myself to calm down. We’re here now. Phones make it easy to forget. 

Finally, a huge massive thank you to you, the person reading this right now. I appreciate your time, and willingness to explore music with me. It means the world to me. 

If you dig the song, let me know! 


Too many videos
Too many songs
Too many voices
All day long
Too many passwords
Too many dreams
Too many hours
Staring at screens

What we really need to do today

Calm down

Too many memories of how it used to be
Too many mysteries vanish in my sleep
Too many melodies playing on repeat
The color of your eyes, I never get to see
When it all falls down
Where will you be
Lost in the wilderness
Or lost here with me

What we really need to do today

Calm down

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