Art plays a huge role in Grand Commander. This page exists as a place to show and discuss the official GCo art, as well as the artists that have independently created GCo art. I’m sooooo happy to feature all of it on this page so all GCo friends can see it. If you have created some Grand Commander art send it to [email protected]

My sister Tarah Quinn @tarahquinn has made a bunch of covers for the songs. The sibling connection thing is real. I describe what I want either specifically or not specifically at all, and then suddenly she shows me her ideas and it’s crazy, the song then exists in art form. SKELE!!! Skele is my good friend, we used to be roommates. Fun fact, the cover art for Skele is Skele doing a self portrait of Skele! These pieces were created by @chaotic_dm, who is also a very talented animator! When I saw this image by @markgrofincat, I was just like WOW. The whole feeling of the song is captured in the characters face and body language. @hotdogshroom created this and shared it in a story on IG. I love it!! I love the look of the rocket blasting through space.